The first step you need
Trademark Registration and Patenting
Provided that the trademark enables the goods or services of an enterprise to be distinguished from the goods or services of another enterprise, the trademark can be displayed in a drawing or similarly, including personal names, especially words, figures, letters, numbers, the shape or packaging of the goods, can be published and reproduced by printing Includes all kinds of signs.
Brand Logo Identification | Logo design
Logo is the most important visual element that reflects the identity of a company. In this regard, a logo is very important in terms of the vision and recognition of the company. Nowadays, with the increase of organizations and the growth of sectors, the importance given to logo design is also increasing. mhkworks aims to increase the recognition of your brand on all platforms with its unique and sector-appropriate designs specific to your brand.
Corporate identity
Each of the ways of representing an institution's stance and identity in the sector in branding and marketing is the corporate identity of that institution. Corporate Identity It is very important for an institution to communicate with its target audience and to attract their attention. mhkworks aims to provide professional support to its customers with its experience in this important step in branding.