Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing
App Store Optimization (ASO)
App Store Optimization, shortly called ASO, is an optimization made to provide access to mobile applications or mobile games to more people. mhkworks, with the aim of providing the access of an application to more people;
- The quality and uniqueness of the Application Icon,
- The name represents the brief summary of the application,
- The Video and ScreenShots explain the Application better and make it easier to use,
- The explanation is in accordance with the search algorithm,
- Working in different languages will reach people from more countries
argues that it will give the most accurate results.
Smart Advertising
It's relatively easy to get traffic and access for any application. But what is the best solution to turn this traffic into profit in real life? mhkworks knows the best way to turn your potential traffic into profit. It makes critical touches that will turn this traffic into profit, attract users and share them with other users.
Mobile Marketing Strategies
Application Marketing Analysis
You cannot tell how much you've worked without the right methods for tracking progress. mhkworks reports what all the actions you make in the background of your applications add to your application and tells you in detail whether the methods you use at every point of your development work.

Mobile Strategy Planning
mhkworks offers you detailed strategies on how to best market your company's products or services after necessary research.
Result Oriented Reporting
If you are a good application store, you need to see many metric results such as optimization contributions, interests and application quality and plan and schedule. mhkworks knows that the demands of each customer are different in this regard and offers multi-dimensional solutions for each customer. The report we will prepare for you after your requests is answer and completely result-oriented for your requests. Reports that are valuable to you and suitable for your needs are among the permanent priorities of mhkworks.