UI/UX Design and Developing

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UI/UX Design and Developing
UI / UX Design
The User Interface (UI) is a unique design for each digital platform based on the demand and the field. User Experience (UX), is some user habitual rules that have been tested for years in every project by us. Every job you request from us is prepared individually for you, crafted to comply with these rules and to be unique.
Web Developing
A project comes to the Web Programming and Development stage after the UI and UX stages. At this stage, static states of the pages that will exist in the project determined as the interface are developed with certain programming languages so that they can be managed dynamically from a portal or a content management system. When the management system or portal is ready for use according to demand, the necessary training is given to our customers by our training staff.
Web Mobiling
It is the process of making a Web Project suitable for all platforms (Mobile Devices, Tablets, Smart TVs, etc.) and operating it properly. Generally, this process is designed in four stages as Big Screens, Computers, Tablets and mobile devices.
Domain, Hosting, Server Solutions
Every online project needs an area on the internet to access other devices. This domain (hosting) can be accessed with some digital addresses. In order to provide easy access to these fields, special names that can be defined for these digital addresses are used. Names (Domain) provides access to only one domain and displays the project in that domain for users. Domain or hosting domain is prepared for our customers and made ready for service.
E-Commerce, Portals
E-Commerce Projects It is the process of purchasing or selling virtual or real products on the internet with secure methods. Some legal procedures need to be prepared in order to sell the product on the internet. In order to have a virtual store on the internet, our customers must be able to invoice taxpayers and real or virtual products they sell.